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Captain Tim Newton

Tim is a registered marine surveyor and a holder of a Diploma in Yacht and Small Craft Surveying with the International Institute of Marine Surveying. He is also an Associate Member of the Marine Surveyors Association (MSA), International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS), and holder of a Master <24 metre and Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 commercial licenses with Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Motor Vessel Reports

Pre Purchase Reports

No yacht or motor vessel, new or old is perfect, so when investing in a motor vessel or yacht, I believe it is essential to have an independent pre purchase inspection completed. Both an in water and out of water inspection are used to check the vessels many systems and the overall structural integrity of the vessel.

Once the inspections are completed, a full comprehensive report with photos is sent to you via email with a printed copy posted when completed.

My in depth pre purchase report will outline any defects, structural issues, repairs or safety issues which to be addressed to ensure the vessels seaworthiness. All this information will appear in detail with email and hard copy formats sent to the customer.

As a qualified professional marine surveyor I am totally independent and able to provide you with the best possible service as to allow you to make an informed decision when buying a yacht or motor vessel. Our business is a preferred partner to the Boat Works Marina/Boatyard, Coomera on the Gold Coast.

I am able to arrange for vessels to be transported to lifts, hauled out for 'out of water' inspections and returned to their moorings or berths if required. All testing is non destructive and non invasive.

International Institute of Marine Surveying
Marine Surveyors Assosiation

Condition Reports

Condition reports are used for insurance applications, renewals and damage assessments. For insurance applications and renewals, condition reports are usually required by an insurance underwriter to determine if a vessel is an acceptable risk for use in specific waters. Additional we are recognised by Club Marine and Nautilus Marine insurance brokers.

The insurance underwriters are interested in the structural integrity and safety of the vessel for the areas of its intended use. Therefore there is more emphasis on items which may result in the vessel being lost due to sinking, incurring major damage including de-masting or the injury/death of a crew member.

My comprehensive survey not only looks at the structural and safety items of the vessel, I also inspect the vessels fitted systems and equipment. Our business is on the preferred marine surveyors list with Club Marine and Nautilus Marine

A detailed report with photos is then completed and emailed to the customer with a hard copy written report to follow once compiled.


“A valuation is a statement of opinion by the assessor that a particular craft is worth a particular amount at a particular time under a particular set of conditions”

Vessel valuation reports are written on vessels for the financial and insurance purposes, custom importation and marriage and estate settlements.

To obtain the assessed fair market value of the vessel, my report will contain information regarding the vessels type, age, identification and the operating condition of the vessels systems.

In my report I will explain how we obtained the valuation with links to independent websites to support my assessment.

Independent Reports

I am able to obtain qualified independent reports on your vessels electrical, rigging and mechanical systems. The reports are recommended for use with pre purchase reports or if insurance underwriters request them. These reports are not always necessary but will depend on the type, age and intended use of vessel.

For example, when purchasing a vessel we always recommend independent mechanical inspection on all motor vessels and independent rigging inspection on sail vessel where the rigging age is not known or greater than 10 years. We are able to organise these inspections, if required, through our network of independent professional contacts. I am also able to take engine and transmission oil samples to be sent for analysis.

My Mission Statement

Tim Newton Marine Services offer clients full marine services from the point of purchasing a vessel to having the vessel fully operational and sea worthy for their use at any location. Tim Newton supplies a diverse range of marine services to our clients, they only need to deal with one company.
My aim is to supply a complete and professional maritime services that will simplify the client’s involvement in buying, valuing. Insuring, maintaining or repairing their investment. I strive to offer these services at most competitive price for all clients.

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